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Nemo Clean Room Sterilized Drill/Driver




The Nemo Clean Room Sterilized Drill/Driver (CLV2-18-3Li-5), currently used by Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies, offers clean room, medical lab, and pharmaceutical professionals a completely sealed and sterilizable drill. The drill is made from aluminum and its non-porous surface is specially-treated which means it can be sterilized, washed and cleaned with water, alcohol, various solvents and standard sterilization solutions.

Due to its sealed design and construction, the drill has extremely low particle generation. An airborne particle count statistical analysis conducted by an independent third-party laboratory found that the Nemo Clean Room Drill meets the particulate requirements of an ISO Class 7 cleanroom at 0.5, 1.0 and 5.0 micrometer under operational conditions (based on the data collected and statistical analysis calculations derived from ISO 14644-1).

Using a tool that’s suited to sensitive environments translates into more efficient work in medical labs, sophisticated electronics manufacturing, and other types of clean rooms. Repairs can take place without compromising the room’s air quality or its clean room status. This drill comes with a durable carrying case, battery charger, and two 18V 3Ah Lithium Ion batteries.

  • World’s first completely sealed, easy-to-sterilize drill/driver
  • Meets the particulate requirements of an ISO Class 7 cleanroom
  • Made for the clean room, medical/pharma lab and electronics industries
  • No air vents and non-porous surface for easy sanitizing
  • Features a stainless steel (3cr13) chuck
  • Two 18V 3Ah long lasting lithium-ion batteries


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